FYZIO massage and relaxation

We have created a relaxation zone for you where you can forget about everyday life. In a beautiful environment with professional masseurs and natural preparations, you will relax and draw new energy. Enjoy the beneficial effects of our relaxation techniques and strengthen your balance, immunity and overall harmony of body and mind.

Sport massage

Sport massage is designed for healthy active athletes and physical performers. It differs from classic massage especially in the rhythm and intensity of massage movements. It can effectively help to quickly relieve muscles and relax fascia, to flush waste and lactic acid from muscles, to warm stiff skin and to deeply massage muscles, including their tendons.

Duration: 25 min./ 40 min. Price: Eur 25/Eur 37
Whole body relaxation massage

A relaxation massage is a very gentle relaxing massage of the whole body, which is performed using relaxing lavender oil. It is accompanied by suitable music that will create the right atmosphere. The massage will help to relax the body, muscles, mind, with an intense anti-stress, anti-depressive effect and has a soothing effect.

Duration: 50 min./ Price: Eur 40
Wellness rituál

Nechajte sa rozptýliť a uvoľniť uprostred náročného pracovného týždňa alebo víkendovej pohody. 40 min. masáž chrbta spojená s peelingom, rašelinovým zábalom a masážou rúk je to pravé. Pri masáži používame kvalitné prírodné masážne oleje.

Dĺžka trvania: 40min./ Cena: 35Eur
Wellness rituál - nie je len celotelová masáž

In these times of haste, relaxation and rest have become a luxury. Get distracted and relaxed in the middle of a busy working week or weekend relaxation. During wellness rituals, we will take care of your body not only by a pleasant relaxing massage of the whole body, but also by taking care of your face, cleavage and skin. In the treatment we use quality natural massage oils and ORGANIC cosmetics selected according to the seasonality and typology of the client.

Duration: 90 min./ Price: Eur 75
Classic oil massage

Classic oil massage combines the benefits of therapeutic massage and relaxation massage. The massage uses organic oils with essential oils (grape, almond). The aim is the overall relaxation and harmonizing of the body, elimination of potential problematic sites by massage and muscle toning.

Duration: 90 min./ 50min./ 25 min.
Price: Eur 70/Eur 40/Eur 23
Lava stone massage

The beneficial effects of hot lava stones are well known. The main benefits of this massage, such as overheating of the body, the use of heat to relax muscles and relaxation of the whole body, enhanced by a full-body oil massage and a comprehensive approach of our therapists.

Duration: 50 min. /Price: Eur 40
Ayurvedic massage

Serves to relax the mind, but also to improve the functionality of the musculoskeletal system, lymphatic system and reduces stress or fatigue. It causes the body to overheat. This massage is performed using special oils that penetrate deep into the skin to the bones. They have a number of beneficial vitamins for the skin, a nourishing and at the same time cleansing effect on the skin, tissues and joints.

35 min. Ayurvédska masáž zahŕňa masáž chrbta, šije, krížov a rúk.

Dĺžka trvania: 70min. / 35min. Cena: 58Eur / 29Eur
Mom massage

Future moms deserve the best. Depending on the stage of pregnancy, our specialist therapist will choose the right approach. Each of you will be given a moment of undisturbed relaxation and relaxation. You will leave with a feeling of ease and inner well-being.

Duration: 50 min./ 25 min. Price: Eur 38/Eur 21
Massage for children from 6 years of age

Gentle massage for relaxation and calming, which aims to relax and remove muscle tension after all-day children's activity (sitting at school, carrying a school bag, overloading in sport)

Dĺžka trvania: 25min. / Cena: 23Eur
Reflective foot massage

The massage begins with a foot bath and a foot scrub to bleed and soften the skin. In a reflective massage consisting of stimulation of key acupressure points of the feet, we use quality balms and essential oils. Finally, apply a moisturizing and regenerating foot wrap.

Duration: 45 min. /Price: Eur 38

Flasking is effective for various back, neck and head pains. Positive effects on kidneys, bladder, stomach and spleen. It affects the overall immune system, lymph, blood circulation in the limbs. The flasks can be used to remove or reduce cellulite. They have also worked well for migraine, diabetes, high blood pressure, digestive problems, gout, gallbladder problems and menstrual pain.

Duration: 50 min. /Price: Eur 40
Čokoládová masáž

Príďte k nám prežiť neopakovateľný relaxačný a uvoľňujúci zážitok s viditeľnými účinkami na pokožku. Masáž začneme jemným kávovým peelingom. Kávový peeling je skvelý na detoxikáciu, oživenie a omladenie pokožky. Po peelingu sa očistí pokožka a nanesie  čokoláda zmiešaná s kokosovým olejom. Pri príjemnej relaxačnej masáži sa čokoláda rozotrie po chrbte a pripraví sa na zábal.

Pri čokoládovej masáži telo cez pokožku vstrebáva vitamíny, aminokyseliny, minerály, antioxidanty. Po čokoládovej masáži sa človek cíti sviežo a uvoľnene. Čokoláda zaistí skvelý vzhľad a starostlivosť o pokožku, pokožka bude svieža a krásna, svaly uvoľnené a oddýchnuté.

Dĺžka trvania: 50min. / Cena: 45Eur

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