Fyzio je otvorené.

Fyzio ako zdravotnícke zariadenie ostáva stále otvorené.

Dodržiavame všetky protipandemické opatrenia, používame germicídne žiariče, dezinfikujeme aj respirátory máme na nose.

Sme tu pre Vás a chránime seba aj Vás.

Vianočná súťaž

Opäť sú tu najkrajšie sviatky roka. Aj tento rok sme si pre Vás niečo pripravili...

Víkendová zľava -15%

PIATOK po 15.00 hod a v SOBOTU na všetky služby FYZIO. Akcia platí do 31.12.2021

Vyšetrenie čelustného kĺbu

Novinka vo FYZIO - komplexná diagnostika čelustného (temporomandibulárneho) kĺbu. V Novembri zľava 10%

At FYZIO with an innovative approach and treatment

“Physiotherapy is a means to exploit its potential. It is work on yourself, the path to efficiency and the ability to avoid movement restrictions or injuries. We look at the needs of our clients in a comprehensive and multidisciplinary way. In addition to excellent professional care with a personal approach, our goal is to educate our clients and lead them toward the right habits that will help them to live an active and quality life, develop and achieve their goals. “

Erika Bršelová, founder and owner of FYZIO

We employ effective procedures and methods and provide expert assistance in the following areas:

Does your back hurt from sitting around all the time, do you need to get back to your active life after surgery, or do you just want to take the best care of your body as a precaution? Put yourself in the hands of our experienced physiotherapists.

We understand the female body, and we are experts in physiotherapy for women. The role of our physiotherapists is to teach a woman to perceive her body and help it at every stage of her life.

We believe that a number of physical difficulties in adulthood could be effectively eliminated as a child. We understand the difficulties that children and young people are already experiencing in terms of development or sports activities.

Physiotherapy for athletes in our country not only means solving injuries and accelerating regeneration, but it is a thorough diagnosis of the posture, efficiency and economy of sports movement.

We have created a relaxation zone for you where you can forget about everyday life. In a beautiful environment with professional masseurs and natural preparations, you will relax and draw new energy.

Exercise is an ideal form of preventing movement problems, compensating for sedentary lifestyles and becoming satisfied with your body.

If you do not find a suitable date through our online booking system, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will certainly find a date for you. 😉


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